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It all started as a young child with my first artistic mentor, my Grandmother. Her creativity was boundless and her passion of sharing unlimited. As we would lay on the grassy hill on the side of her house on a sunny summer day and point out to each other what we saw in the clouds; horses, trees, birds, clowns….so much fun. And, then the design aspect which at the time I had no clue that is was learning as I collected rocks for rock people that she would glue together and paint; “Hey Grams would this make a good body and this a foot?” Then I grew up and pushed all this to the side to pursue a degree in Engineering and it sat there dormant for years until I took a 4 week copperplate class at a local craft store. That’s all I needed to re-kindle the embers and I’ve found what I truly enjoy and will not let it be stored away again…..ART. I don’t consider myself a strict Calligrapher but rather a lettering artist and enjoy all that is paper, ink, paint, graphite, pastel…..anything is game as long as I can create with my hands and mind.

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